Life Coach

₹2,000 per hour

Vedantika Puri is a certified wellness coach from the International Association of Wellness Professionals - USA. 


She is a trusted guide, and an experienced and talented wellness coach ready to counsel individuals in becoming more aware of living a healthy and spiritually fulfilling life, this journey that you embark with her on has to do more with Mental and emotional rather than just physical. She is Certified in Learning Disabilities from Nanavati College, Mumbai. Vedantika is currently pursuing online courses in Cognitive behavioural therapy and Neuro linguistic programming from Udemy. She has also completed the Ashtang yoga teachers training course from Yoga Institute, Mumbai.


She helps individuals strike a balance in life through mindset training, emotional intelligence, physical enhancement, spiritual growth and financial security. Her ability to decode bio chemical individualities has helped people identify their inner wisdom, identify their values and transform their souls into actions.