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10th October 2021 is World Mental Health Day

Take a Pledge

This World Mental Health Day, take a pledge to encourage open conversations about mental health at the workplace. Take the first step by raising awareness about the importance of mental health through activities and campaigns and show your employees that you care!

Here are a few ways to raise awareness about mental health and offer support to your employees. 

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Share Informational Content

Circulate weekly informational content about mental health including myth-busters, tips to improve mental well-being, information about therapy and more. Aim to communicate the importance and normalcy of seeking support for mental health issues.

Offer 'rest days' and 'mental health breaks'

Stress, anxiety, burnout are frequently observed in employees. Show your employees you care, by reminding them that it is okay to take breaks and rest when they need it! Sometimes, not working can actually increase productivity! 


Organise Wellness Activities

Plan weekly wellness activities such as Mindfulness, Art Therapy, Music Therapy which act as great stress busters and also provide an opportunity for team bonding! Organise interactive webinars with Psychologists to discuss important topics such as returning to office, maintaining a work-life balance, building better relationships and more...

Offer Mental Health Support

Offer 1 on 1 therapy sessions to your employees, where they can speak to a trained professional in complete confidentiality about any issues that may be playing on their mind. If you already provide these sessions, make employees aware of the support that is offered!

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