Private consultations with a clinical or counseling psychologist. Speak to a trained professional about any issues you may be facing. These virtual consultations can be scheduled as audio or video calls, and can be completely anonymous. All conversations will be 100% confidential, and anything discussed will remain between you and the therapist.



Participants meet on a weekly basis as part of small support groups. Sessions include specialist talks led by experienced professionals, interspersed with thematic discussions. Such softer forms of therapy are more engaging, affordable and provide shared learning and insight. This includes Suhana Safar - a special programme curated for senior citizens and Living Mindfully - a comprehensive course on Mindfulness. 



Interactive webinars focused around a specific topic. These webinars are to give you a chance to listen to our therapists and obtain some tips on mental wellness. 



Workshops using creative therapies and holistic tools as an effective and engaging medium. The techniques taught in these interactive sessions can be used for stress and anxiety relief, increasing focus, relaxation and creative expression in daily life. This includes Art Therapy, Music Therapy, Laughter Yoga, Dance Therapy, Mindfulness and much more.