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My Safe Place is a mental wellness platform that aims to break the stigma surrounding mental health and help people and organisations find the best mental health support for them.


Founded in November 2020, My Safe Place is built on the ideology that mental health support should not be a luxury. Our aim is to make mental wellness services more accessible and affordable for a larger audience and to ensure that everyone can have access to mental health support when they need it. 

You need to speak and yes, be heard...



Very often people are afraid to seek help or speak out about their problems because of the fear of being judged or appearing ‘weak’. We believe that people should be able to speak openly about their mental health and feel free to ask for help when they need it.

At My Safe Place, we can guide you to top experts, who will help untie the toughest knots within and bring healing with their scientific or holistic approach and rich experience.



Rashi Kumar


A successful entrepreneur for 10 years with a growth mindset and using behavioural science as her key strength. She holds a masters in Psychology and strongly believes in the power of mind as the governing factor of our lives. She uses her entrepreneurial skills to guide My Safe Place to the path of a successful business model, mindfully. 


Pooja Kumar


With a dual degree in Business & Psychology, Pooja is a creative professional with proven success in launching brands and platforms, and building communities across media and tech / e-commerce. Through My Safe Place, she hopes that healing and therapy will become accessible to one and all.


Aarushi Luthra


A graduate from Imperial College London, having pursued a joint -honours program in Biomedical Science and Management. She hopes to make a difference in reducing the stigma associated with mental health disorders. She wants to mould My Safe Place into an effective outreach platform to help large number of silent sufferers to benefit from professional guidance.

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